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One score and nine days ago, we started this site with the intention of exposing some of the totally corrupt shit going on at the Iowa Writers [Writer's(?)/Writers'(?)] Workshop. We were dedicated to the proposition: "This shit is totally corrupt." However, under the burden of our ensuing fame and power, our crusade temporarily degenerated into a drug-fueled orgy of barbaric sexual deviance and the worship of hideous pagan idols. But no longer. Once again, it's time to light the fire under the proverbial pants of the Iowa Writers['(?)] Workshop!

In this spirit, I hereby offer:


Insofar as we are able we hereby refuse to publish or be involved in the publication of verse known to be written by anyone other than ourselves who has ever attended or heard of the Iowa Writers['(?)] Workshop.

What's up with that fucking apostrophe, anyway?

This shit is totally corrupt

They also lure people to come all the way from New Jersey and spend their entire summer in Iowa to have 2 hours of workshop a week. That shit is totally corrupt.
Torn from my home, left alone in IOWA without a job or any kind of support system, I've had no choice but to resort to alcoholism. I'm drinking now too, in fact, all in the name of corruption and contemporary american poetry.
Even Poetry Snark thinks that the Iowa Writers' Workshop is totally corrupt!
i'm totally in love with you. my fancy is not corrupt.
Surely you must be joking. The more I read on this blog, the more I think it's a sort of parody, perhaps even initiated by a participant of the Writers' Workshop.

Your last posts are more than two years old, but I will say that I spent three magical weeks in Iowa City this summer, going to workshops EVERY DAY, where we actually WROTE and WROTE and read in small groups and go to readings at night and open mike, and and and . . . so you all sound like either comedians or sour-grapes former non-participants.

Get a life. Maybe THIS is your writing gig, but it sure sounds like a silly smear campaign to me.

Last summer in Iowa, that three weeks were the best present I've ever given myself.

Woodswoman d'Italia ... my guess is you don't write humor ... in fact I bet you don't read much either ... 'cause you don't get it, do you.

This shit is totally corrupt.

The failure to recognise sarcasm is a sign of brain degeneration (Alzheimers).
Could I agree more? I could not. I agree as much as physically possible.
This shit is totally awesome.
I love this blog.
This is the best blog I've read for a while. I am sad to see I caught on so late in the game. You need to post another blog and link it so I can read it.

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