Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yesterday I was buying bread at the New Pioneer Co-Op. I like their breads, and I was looking forward to buying a loaf, taking it home, and eating it. Also, I had a friend coming in from out of town, and she was going to eat the bread with me. She requested a panini. All in all, things were looking good.

I get to the bread area, and what do I see but a panini, pre-wrapped AND on sale for half price. I looked at the bread woman. I smiled at her as if to say "I can't believe my luck! A cheap panini!" and she smiled back as if to say something similar.

I reached for the panini.

Then, just as my fingers were within inches of the packaging, this guy from my workshop grabbed the bread! Not ONLY that, but he didn't even look at me OR acknowledge the fact that we were in workshop together.

This shit is totally corrupt.

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