Monday, May 15, 2006

Last month this totally prestigious writer came to town. So after the reading this friend of mine (after this incident I'm not sure I would call her a "friend" anymore, more of an acquaintance) went up to the prestigious writer and they started talking. Pretty soon, they were at a nearby bar having a grand old time, and said prestigious writer, who just so happens to run a very prestigious literary journal, told my acquaintance (formerly my friend) that he would take her poems - ALL her poems. So now this prestigious literary magazine is going to publish an issue devoted exclusively to the poetry of my acquaintace, who is not even as smart as me, nor as good a poet, and who hasn't even read Coleridge! And all because she got a prestigious poet drunk.

I heard they also had tons of wild sex in the bathroom at the after-party after the bar closed.

This shit is totally corrupt.

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