Saturday, May 20, 2006


Know what else?

Know what else is totally corrupt about the Iowa Writers' Workshop?

The Iowa Writers' Workshop pretends to be about writing. But I bet you didn't know that all summer, the Workshop doesn't even meet. That's right. For three months, there's all these Workshoppers just loafing around town, drinking beers and also other beverages. Meanwhile, other people are working in offices. Or building cell phone towers. Or cultivating cheeses so that these lazy-ass writers can have their nachos all summer. Fucking writers and their nachos.

This shit is totally corrupt.

Hey, I'm Bugzita over at Foetry.

Why not come on over and sign up?
do writers have to meet in groups to write?
Man, that shit is totally corrupt. I know what it means to be not corrupt, and believe you mean, this is.
It's fun to hit the MFAs. Because they totally fight back. I love it when a diesel MFA kicks me in my kitten. I save it for the suggestion box. They, enemy.
This shit it hilarous. I just read the entire blog and laughed my fucking ass off. If you have written a book published or not, please let me read it.
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